PresentingDoctor PresentationTitle  
Adel El Etriby LM intervention: PCI or CABG ? Lessons PDF
Adrian Brady PCSK9 Lecture PDF
Ahmed A. Aziz Case 3: Post TAVI --- PCI PDF
Ahmed El Gendy Optimizing PCI: from structure to function and back PDF
Ahmed El Sayed TAVI in low flow, low gradient aortic stenosis: Pathophysiology, prognosis and outcomes. PDF
Ahmed Ezz TAVI 2017, the realities and controversies. PDF
Ahmed Magdy Mostafa MSCT, what is beyond the coronary anatomical assessment. PDF
Ahmed Rezk TAVI: outcomes and technical pearls in bicuspid aortic stenosis. PDF
Ahmed Sabry Case 2: PCI as a backup for surgery !!!! PDF
Ahmed Shawky Familial hypercholesterolemia in clinical practice PDF
Ahmed Wafa Cardiac side effects of drugs used to treat auto-Immune diseases PDF
Alaa Ghaleb Case 5: PCI to Osteal LAD PDF
Amin Fouad Atacand; Different approach for Comprehensive Hypertension Management PDF
Amr Zaki Case 3: Diffuse calcification in MVD; Bypass surgery or complex PCI ? PDF
Ayman A. Hamid Pulmonary Hypertension : Definition, Classification, Pathobiology. PDF
Ayman Khairy Case 3: Difficult stent retrieval PDF
Aysar Abdel Aziz Case 4: Stent in osteal ramus intermedius interrupts LAD flow. PDF
Aysar Abdel Aziz Anti HCV therapy protocols • What you need to know? • Cardiac evaluation before starting treatment • Follow up and when to stop therapy PDF
Basem Abdel Hamid TAVI for moderate risk patients? Yes, data is favorable. PDF
Basem Zarif Hypertension and dyslipidemia • Special targets for special pts • Drug preferences PDF
Dina Osama Infective endocarditis in Egypt 2017 PDF
Ghada Kazamel Pre - operative risk assessment in patients with, • Chronic heart failure • Arterial hypertension • Peripheral arterial  disease PDF
Hazem Khamis Ultimaster clinical evidence PDF
Hesham Salah Preoperative risk assessment tools • Non- Invasive tools • Invasive tools PDF
Hosam Bishr Case 6: PCI to LM PDF
Hosam Mesbah Case 4: IVUS guided distal LM intervention PDF
Ihab Elhefny Pre - operative risk assessment in patients with, • Valvular heart disease • Arrhythmias & PMK PDF
Islam Shawky MPI, still it has a role in the era of MRI. PDF
Kareem Mahmoud Case 3: When you choose what to lose PDF
Khaled El Nady Baseline risk factors for cardiotoxicity • Screening, risk stratification and early detection strategies PDF
Khaled Leon Renal transplant • Cardiac evaluation before • Which to fix first heart or kidney? PDF
Khaled Shokry Ultimaster - CTO PDF
Mahmoud Elbadry Risk reduction strategies PDF
Marwa Meshaal Infective endocarditis: New Antimicrobial therapy PDF
Mohamed Abdel Ghany Is it an era for statin for life? PDF
Mohamed Abdel Ghany J curve in hypertension management PDF
Mohamed El Raghy Case 2: Difficult Situation in 1ry PCI PDF
Mohamed El Setiha Ultimaster - Left Main PDF
Mohamed El Setiha Case 4: Guideliner is the key in CTO RCA PDF
Mohamed Khedr Case 4: Complicated PCI PDF
Mohamed Lotfy Ivabradin: Benefits across wide range of angina patients PDF
Mohamed Orabi New Therapies in the management of Hypertension PDF
Mohamed Selim Renal impairment in cardiac pts • How it changes your drug protocols and management strategies? PDF
Mohsen Ibrahim Difficult question in the management of Hypertension PDF
Nabil Farag Case 5: A challenging case of PCI to a native CA through SVG supplying the whole left system PDF
Nabil Farag Absorb Latest trials confirming the Importance of good implantation PDF
Nasser Taha Different types of insulin • Benefits and limitations in cardiac pts • Effects on atherosclerosis PDF
Ramez Sam Autoimmune heart diseases PDF
Rauof Mahran Case 1: Challenging Case: Bifurcation LMS, Post Failed CABG PDF
Sameh Emil Case 1: PCI to Osteal Circumlex PDF
Sameh Emil Opening Ceremony PDF
Sameh Emil Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy, • When to suspect, causes, evaluation and how to manage? PDF
Sameh Salama New groups of oral hypoglycemic medications • Benefits and limitations in cardiac pts PDF
Samer Abdel Shafi TAVI for moderate risk patients? No, its not durable as SAVR. PDF
Sherif El Beltagy Case 5: PCI of LAD with rare unusual takeoff PDF
Sherif Wagdy Cardiovascular toxicity of anti-cancer treatments, effects on: • Myocardial function and heart failure • Coronary heart dis. PDF
Tamer El Ashry MRI, what does it add to risk stratification of patients with IHD. PDF
Tamer Mostafa Cardiovascular toxicity of anti-cancer treatments, effects on: • Arterial hypertension • pulmonary hypertension • Thrombo-embolic events PDF
Tarek Abdel Hamid Case 5: Peripartum 1ry PCI, Challenging situation PDF
Tarek Rashid Absorb after 3 years, what are the benefits? Case presentation PDF
Wael El Kilany Cardiovascular toxicity of anti-cancer treatments, effects on: • Valvular heart dis • Arrhythmias PDF
Walid Abdou Prevention and attenuation of cardiovascular complications • Prevention of TE events • Prevention of deterioration of myocardial function PDF
Walid El Hammady Pre - operative cardiac risk assessment 7 steps to follow PDF
Wesam El Din Hadad El Shafey Case 2: Modified revisiting of old balloon inflation technique in high thrombus burden lesion in non ST EMI patient. PDF
Yaser Sadek Case 1: When nothing go right go left PDF
Yosry Nada Cardiovascular Toxicity of Anti-Cancer Treatment. PDF


The Cardiology department of the Military Medical Academy and the Egyptian Society of Cardiology have the honor to invite all cardiologists to CardioMilitary 2018 that will be held from 31st January - 2nd February 2018 in Tolip Golden Plaza, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

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