Presenting Doctor Presentation Title  
Abdel Aziz Fouad Case Presentation (2) PDF
Ahmed Abdel Aty Updates in management of hypertension in special situations PDF
Ahmed Bendary Case: A 65 years old female with severe hypertension and end stage renal disease PDF
Ahmed Ezz Case 1 PDF
Ahmed Ezz Case:  A 82 years old male with past history of CVS and calcific severe AS PDF
Ahmed Fathy Trans radial approach in ACS PDF
Ahmed Magdy Mostafa ESC guidelines of pulmonary embolism PDF
Ahmed Sabry Cardiorenal syndrome : worse prognosis and difficult treatment PDF
Ahmed Shawky Cardiac Ischemia: Thinking out of the box. PDF
Ahmed Shawky Case: A 50 years old female with  HFpEF and pulmonary hypertension PDF
Ahmed Wafa Effect of target organ damage on treatment strategy and prognosis of hypertensive patient PDF
Amin Fouad Managing complex coronary interventions with resolute Onyx PDF
Amin Fouad Case 1 PDF
Amin Fouad Paradigm HF Trial PDF
Amin Fouad Labile hypertension; causes and solution PDF
Amr Zaki Case 2 PDF
Amr Zaki Case 4 PDF
Ashraf Reda Last updates in  valvular Aortic Stenosis PDF
Atef El Bahry Management strategies of patient with pulmonary embolism and high bleeding risk PDF
Aysar Abdel Aziz Case- 3: DK crush is a helpful technique PDF
El Sayed Farag Case 3 PDF
El Sayed Farag ACS  and  beyond PDF
Georgios  Sianos Delivering Ultimate Bifurcation Treatment PDF
Haitham Badran CRT in HF: Recent Trends PDF
Hala Mahfouz Case:  A 25 years old female with rheumatic MS getting pregnancy PDF
Hamza Kabil Case: A 25 with hypertension and getting pregnant PDF
Hossam Kandil Use of biomarkers in diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure PDF
Ihab El Hefny Case: A 65 years old female with acute heart failure and BP 170/90 mmHg. PDF
Islam Shawky Case: A 35 years old female with RHD , severe MR and TR PDF
Iwar Sjögren DAPT 2017; How to implement the new guidelines in clinical practice PDF
Karim Said Case: An approach to case of pulmonary hypertension PDF
Khaled El Nady Causes and management of hypertriglyceridemia PDF
Khaled El Tohamy Case : A 55 obese female with severe breathlessness, hypertension and DM EF 55% PDF
Mohamed  Lotfy Insights of Excel Trial PDF
Mohamed Abdel-Ghany Recent updates in management of acute heart failure PDF
Mohamed Atef Case Presentation PDF
Mohamed Khedr Case 5 PDF
Mohamed Khedr Case: A 50 years old male with acute pulmonary embolism and shock PDF
Mohamed Oraby Management of major bleeding in patient with chronic AF PDF
Mohamed Sadaka Potential and Challenges in my centre - Lessons learned PDF
Mohamed Saeid Case: A 60 years old male on statin treatment and complaining of generalized muscular pains PDF
Mohamed Selim Case: A 20 years old male with familial hypercholesterolemia and family history of premature coronary artery disease PDF
Nabil Farag Case 5 PDF
Nabil Farag Case: A 55 years old obese male with hypertension and sleep breathing disorder PDF
Nasser El Saeid State of the art: Treatment of femoral artery disease. PDF
Omar El Farouk New technique in EVAR with angulated neck. PDF
Petar M. Seferovic Recent updates in treatment of heart failure PDF
Petar M. Seferovic Real Case From Data To Practice PDF
Ramez Sam Management of pulmonary hypertension due  to autoimmune disease PDF
Ramzy El Mawardy Recent updates in management of hypertension PDF
Sameh Emil highlights on Global risk management PDF
Sameh Emil Case: A 60 years old male with severe hypertension and acute cerebrovascular stroke PDF
Sameh Emil NOAC’s in specific AF populations PDF
Sameh Shahin Applying the hub and spoke model  to  Egypt PDF
Sayan Sen The role of  iFR and syncvision in planning & optimizing  angioplasty in 2018 PDF
Sherif Essam EVAR with branched iliac: Technical consideration. PDF
Sherif Sakr Case- 4: Complex Intervention during Primary PCI PDF
Sherif Wagdy Treatment options of severe valve regurgitation in female seeking pregnancy PDF
Tamer Mostafa Statin adverse events beyond myopathy PDF
Tarek Rashid Case 2 PDF
Wael Kilany ESC guidelines of pulmonary hypertension PDF
Walid Ammar Pitfalls in AF management PDF
Walid El Hammady Case:  A female patient with known MVP, mild MR developed fever after tooth extraction PDF
Walid Mostafa Case: A 50 years old male with symptomatic chronic AF PDF
Yasser Boghdady When and how to assess cardiovascular risk PDF
Yousry Kamel IVUS guided PCI in osteal  LM PDF


The Cardiology department of the Military Medical Academy and the Egyptian Society of Cardiology have the honor to invite all cardiologists to CardioMilitary 2018 that will be held from 31st January - 2nd February 2018 in Tolip Golden Plaza, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

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